The simple grace

Mauro Valsangiacomo


10 Sep 23 - 15 Oct 23

“The final idea for this exhibition came from observing the beauty and mystery of the common plants in the garden. What amazement!
The attitude of mind that moved me was one of enchanted storytelling.
Before I got there, I worked for a long time around the landscape images I had brought when we met. But they could no longer convince me, mainly because of the great emptiness that those vast surfaces displayed.
Rich in narrative and visual stories, these that I now propose are ‘fairy tales’ to be invented, with images that are meant to awaken associations that, hopefully, will be quite happy.
I have transformed photographs, all of ‘a mustard garden’, into very colourful places so that imaginative ‘presences’ generated with a normal drawing programme can be placed there. My purpose is poetic, not instrumental. I let myself be carried away in the ancient river of yearning, where time, for a moment, suspended its course.”

Vals (Mauro Valsangiacomo) is a Swiss visual artist, born in Chiasso in 1950. He has been involved in painting and engraving for a long time and has been able to create some mosaics and other permanent works in public places. He has been invited to important exhibitions such as the Exhibition of Swiss Wood Sculptors (Bern, 2015) with the installation ‘Mediterranean’ and to the UNIL Art Triennial (2016) with the work ‘The Silent River’ composed of spruce trunks felled by the bark beetle in the Jorat forest, debarked and laid down by the Lausanne City Forestry Service. With an average diameter of 60 centimetres, they formed a line about 110 ml long.
Since 2019, he has been patiently trying to install an ideal line of peace antennas along the south-north axis of Canton Ticino. He was awarded the Masciadri Prize for Culture in 2021.
He is the creator of alla chiara fonte, a cultural agency that, since 2000, has been promoting investigations in the field of publishing with a specific interest in poetry.